How do you clean/lube your chain?

I spray some wd-40 on a rag and let it run through that for a few revolutions then wipe it off with a dry part, then put on lube (i use wax) and let it soak for a second then dry off excess with a rag.

I do a deep clean every month or so with simple green and a stiff brush and relube with some dry teflon lube.

spray simple green then rub off with a rag, repeatedly. rotate to get the simple out. wipe more, a ton more. lube each roller individually, wipe with rag. rotate a bit more then wipe more.

Normal Clean/Lube: Boeshield T9 on each link, spin cranks for a few seconds, allow to sit for a few minutes, wipe off excess. Allow to dry before next ride.

Deep Clean/lube: remove chain (yay quicklinks!), soak in mix of ATF and Coleman Fuel overnight (agitating can if I pass by it). Remove, wipe off excess, stretch chain out on my bench to dry. Once dry, I lube each link with Boeshield T9 and allow to dry. After it dries, I install the chain.

I’ve been using Boeshield since the early 90s. Haven’t found anything better, especially for my MTB.


i’ve heard wd-40 isn’t good for chains.

if i’m trying to CLEAN my chain, i take it off, throw it in an empty iced tea bottle with some pedro’s orange degreaser and shake it for a while. then i pop it back on, put about three drops of triflow on the chain while it’s spinning backwards.

if i’m just lubing i do three drops of triflow and then rub it down with a rag or toothbrush. this kinda cleans it. then i drop triflow on again and let it sit after i spin the chain.

I take a shower with my chain wrapped around my neck.


If not, I degrease with some Pedro’s Orange in an old bowl/bucket and let it sit for a while. Then I get it under some water to wash the degreaser off, wipe it down real good and let it dry. Then I throw it back on the bike, grab the Triflow, put the tip against the chain and slowly spin the cranks until I come back to where I started.

Let it soak for a while then grab a shop towel, grab the chain with the shop towel, spin the cranks and wipe off the excess.

Done and done. I usually do this while watching television for best results.

It’s fine as a cleaning agent, just not as a lube.


Put it in a jar, spray degreaser, let soak, wipe down with rag with more degreaser, reinstall, lube and then wipe of excess.

Everybody does the same thing.

^ yeah.

like others before me, i too do this one, shaking the jar every so often.

used zep orange stuff diluted 50/50. not the gel kind though. (the gel is amazing for getting off tar or cleaning carpets)

lubed with white lightning clean ride wax lube this time. seems quite nice so far. have used finish line pro road before but so far this white lightning seems cleaner to me and helps things stay quieter longer.

I have an ultrasonic degreaser at my shop. I lube my sparkling clean chain with Padro’s Road Rage. But, I wish I could still get this:

I take mine off (masterlinks 4-eva), and leave it in the solvent tank at work, stirring occasionally. Then I take it out, blow it dry with the air compressor, reinstall and lubricate with whatever’s handy.

Keirin style

Interesting way of doing it…also:

[quote=“Al_”]Keirin style[/quote]

i’d never seen this before, but it’s almost exactly the way i do it.

[quote=“artblur”][quote=“Al_”]Keirin style[/quote]

i’d never seen this before, but it’s almost exactly the way i do it.[/quote]
I would never have guessed.

i’m so predictable.

[quote=“artblur”][quote=“Al_”]Keirin style[/quote]

i’d never seen this before, but it’s almost exactly the way i do it.[/quote]

What was he using? TP or some special NJS drivetrain wipes?


good old fashioned turd wipes

Interesting. I may give it a try one day just to see how well it works.