How Tarck is this bike

Going through some old pictures earlier, found some of my old beater from last year

This was before I knew anything about tarck or hipsters etc, just built with parts i had lying around. was good until I bent the axle and folded the crank

Vote on the poll how tarck it is :smiley:

Some Tarck Features

[list][]Long Seatpost[/:m]
[]Road Stem (140mm) and flat bars[/:m]
[]Electric tape bars[/:m]
[]Home-Painted wheels[/:m]
[]Mismatched tyres[/:m]
[]No Foot Retention[/:m]
[]TT Pad (Duct tape, covering half- assed sticker removal :S[/:m][/list:u]

Feel free to add to the list

edit: I didnt know how (Ted Shred) / want to ride brakeless at the time, it was SS not fixed
double edit: The lever was for Canti not V-Brakes so the brakes sucked

“Broken” and “tarck” are not synonyms.

It rode for a while before Breaking

I’d ride it to your mom’s house.

Not tarck. Janky, yes. Crusty, yes. Beater, yes. Tarck, no.

That’s more FGG than Tarck :colbert:

Hahahahahahahahah :bear:

So true.

that seat is tarck as a mf’er.

It was OK for about 100 yards, then became painful. Wasn’t too bad while stopped and sitting on it either,

it is untarck, but probably a fun beater! Het you could try to sell that on Fleabay

that’s not tarck. this is tarck…

That is tarck as fuck. It looks super fun though.

compact tarck, I like it.

that whip is straight bust.
you have about 2 and a half feet too much bars for it to be tarck.

I thought at least some effort was required for tarckness

so one may just purchase MASH decals to put on arrospok?

If only I hadn’t taken it apart last year :frowning:

no option for “only while drunk” so i voted 1

Knew I forgot something