Hozan Spoke Threader

make spokes! yours for $125

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we could split it 50/50


I’m afraid it’d be too fussy to get perfect. At least, that’s what I’ve read.

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I have one of these laying around. Never had much luck making trustworthy looking threads with it but I was probably doing something wrong.

Oh I shouldn’t, but I want to.

$100 shipped to USA?

Trade for van parts?

oh man, i need so many van parts

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I’m looking at buying spokes again but I have tons that are too long (like NOS spokes from a shop that are for 27" wheels long). Should I buy this?

who fucken knows? not me!

how many spokes we talkin’? i think it would be pretty tedious to do very many of them.

A wheel’s worth? 2 wheels worth?! What is this even for if not threading spokes for wheels?

it’ll do it fine, but it’s just a bit finicky and time consuming.

the phil jobber that costs $5000 is what you want for making spokes in quantity. i think this thing is probably best suited for repairs, etc, making a few spokes here and there.

also, be aware that it cuts threads rather than rolling them like the phil. so it’ll only work with a certain size spoke/nips, but i’m not sure what that is so you should probably read up on it instead of relying on what little i know.

I know nothing about this thing and it’s a pain in the ass to use and you should buy it from me.


i’ve heard this a million times when i worked the shop life (a shop with a phil machine) but it sure looks like thread rolling dies. and a pain to do more than a few spokes with.

you know about machines and such- can you explain how it cuts instead of forming? not being glib, genuinely curious

I have cut a whole wheel’s worth of spokes on a Hozan, it’s not worth the effort.

It is dandy if you just need the occasional oddball spoke to replace a broken one.

Does it cut? When I used it it didn’t make shavings like it was removing material. It seemed like it smooshed the threads in. But I know nothing about machining and also have never used another spoke threader.

I do have a couple boxes of blank spokes if anybody wants them.

oops! looks like i was wrong, just had a look at it and it is indeed a forming die. works similar to a knurling tool or forming tap by raising material to for the thread.

I’m using the term “cut” loosely