Hunter Gatherer Medium (maybe)

This is pretty premature, but are any of y’all in the market for a medium HG? First run, decent shape, lil corrosion in a few places. If I sell it would be frameset, headset (CC 40), UN55, WI cranks, and wheelset (WI rear hub, SP front, both to WTB KOM i25s).

This is a 15mm fork, and the hub is pretty rough which is most of why I’m considering moving on to something else.

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Yo @lox, might this be up your alley?

What part of the ballpark would the price be in?

My quick maths say that $1000 OBO is a good place to start, but I’m very bad at valuing things


Here it is as it sits. Can take more pics of various oxidized spots

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Bringing this back. Frame, fork w/ 12mm adapter, headset.

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Dat fugn bartape

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