also he normally plugs along around 28ks or so and looks totally unfazed while his riding buddies are half a minute behind and panting

the new aluminum cannondale quick hybrid is $2200 on the website. can’t imagine how much the carbon ones are. and the cross with chorus flat bar sounds like something i’d ride later in life when i have some mney and want something to cruise around on.



Still want a flat bar road bike.

i do; my wrists don’t

Hybrids in Japan are called “cross bikes”.
Supposedly the term “cross” came from “crossover” between mountain bike and road bike.

Y’all have seen my shiz, but here it is again anyway.

I’ve got a couple of Specialized Crossroads in the barn
I think I’m building the next one up like this

My mom has a sweet little Schwinn hybrid that is nice. and my dad’s Giant Cypress that hasn’t been touched in a year. God that bike is comfortable… and so slow.

My buddy has a Schwinn Criss-Cross hybrid built up with ten-speed Record that he uses as his pit bike.

I think he’s retiring it this year though, since he found a Salsa CX bike at a garage sale to replace it.

I got my brother this bike for his birthday, and he rides the shit out of it.

my nashbar touring frame with risers. needs drops or staches, but still fun as-is.

Still want an older Bianchi Valle with a CETMArack. That would such an awesome daily ride. IMO at least.

Fuck yes it would!
Is that a dynamo?

[quote=Rusty Piton]Fuck yes it would!
Is that a dynamo?[/quote]

Yep. I never see them for sale though, and the 09’s are this nasty blue/grey color.