I am so proud of my brother!

After being a long time roadie he finally got a fixed gear, and its pretty tarck. Oh yea its a crosscheck.
[size=65]I know this really doesn’t warrant its own thread but I didn’t know where else to post it and I am really excited[/size]

Looks good! Could do with a longer brake cable, though.

Nice colour. What year is that frame?

I think the frame color is Krylon '08 ? Bonus points for the non color matched grips.

Cross Checks are fun, I ride one too. Good solid bike IMO.

He needs a back brake.
I hates me some empty studs.

Thats just the angle he sent me more pictures and it isn’t tight or anything.

What it actually needs is a front cable hanger. Should be on the stem somewhere with covered cable running to it and naked cable running from it to the brake. IMHO. Nice color though and Cross Checks rule!! in whatever form you choose to run them.

Sweet ride! Tell him welcome from another Fixed Gear convert roadie.

I talked to him today and told him that he was very tarck, he was confused. I forgot tarck isn’t common cycling vocab.

That is one ugly bike. But I like it.

i think his fork should be a bit longer…

If he doesn’t get one of these, his front brake isn’t going to function at all.

How the hell is that thing functioning? Is it functioning?

Either that bike was set up by a complete noob or it has a fork crown mounted canti noodle.

Its canti.

-noodle +hanger

Here’s an example:


He has it leashed all ghetto style to the stem. Apparently he already swapped it out at work. He just took these pictures before he went in.

It sounds like he is a horrible mechanic but at least he only works on his own bike. And it’s how ya learn. I sure put together some janky shit when i started to fix my own bike.

He isn’t a mechanic, he is a sales guy at a shop.