i cant find it

i know it somewhere but where’s that absurd aerospoke thats just a single spoke. im trying to show my coworker so he stops calling me a crackhead. ty in advance.


i heart you.

You know that’s fake, right?


yeah thats the guy with the light up seatpost right?

Uh, that seatpost’s not fake. It wrapped in a sheet that illuminates.


my first reaction to reading this title was “thats what she said”
I actually havent read the thread, I’ll probably go back and do that now.

I haven’t actually seen one in person, but I heard that those things are real. They’re supposed to be even heavier than an aerospoke though and out of production to boot.

It’s all a lie.

It’s not real yo, sorry.

nuh uh, i saw one the other day, i tried to catch up to it but it was so cool I couldnt do it.

yah, single spoke arrowspock laced (just once) too super deepV zebrastripe rims on a chublevel hubset with handmade ice tires on a trackframe that Greg Lemond once pooped on. He was fast

It’s a regular tri-spoke with two of the spokes edited out. It’s not real, never has been, never will be.