I don't often become jealous

But damn, the bikes I saw yesterday… figured this was worth posting.

Most of the classic geared bikes are owned by a single owner. Restored to perfection.
Fixiezz are from a bunch of different people.

If anyone is in Eindhoven this weekend, this collection is open for public at a place called Dings till sunday.
edit: actually, it’s not. open on saturday but not sunday.

I’ll take the green Colnago. Thanks.

tarck bikes are so clearly joke bikes in that setting. classy bikes are classy.

As much as I love collecting nice bikes (and I have plenty/too many) at some point it becomes more about collecting stuff and less about loving/riding bikes. That’s bad.

all those beautiful bikes, not getting ridden :frowning:

most those tarck bikes would totally get the wrath from this forum.

i saw all the classic road bikes then looked over at an aerospoke and was like meh

Tarck is more about nice road bikes than about tarcking.

It is a shame that indeed some of those classics aren’t ridden anymore.

i hear some bike company made a crazy thing where you can shift from the brake levers

i dunno though might be wrong

i rode in a big two day ride this weekend (hilly hundred) and saw so many ridiculous bikes. ive never seen so much titanium irl before.

show bikes make me sad

on the other hand, walking into marinoni’s shop and seeing the bikes lined up waiting to be repaired: good heavens!

Post Reagan/Cold War Era the Aerospace industry had to do something with all that leftover raw Ti.