I fucked up

I should NOT have sold the XO-1. Fuck.

you are just now realizing this?
when will you be home so we can have a bay area tarcker show up and smack you around a little bit.

dum dum

No you should have sold it, but you should have sold it to me.

Yes, you fucked up.

nah there will be other bikes

sell the pego and find another XO-1

I’ve never ridden a xo-1, but my rb-1 is decidedly meh.

You’re a poop head.


u jellz?

it’s not a bad bike, but it is far from a great bike- any mid end japanese steel bike from the late 80s-early 90s is essentially the same thing.

there’s nothing magical about my 56x56 rb-1, with 600 tricolour components.

maybe i’d like it more if it fit me better.

maybe you should post a picture on the interwebs so we can be the judge of how well it fits. :colbert:

Bic trolls Tarck with his bikes.

it’s more that i own really nice bikes and other people are jealous / want my balls.

The majority of people on here “own really nice bikes”.

itt imaginary biek talks about his imaginary bikes

i wouldn’t quite say “the majority” but, yeah, there are some really nice bikes on tarck. also lots of middling fixed/track bikes.
yours are pretty nice ashes, nicer than mine!

u jellz

ITT: Humility