i got some free rims...now what?

this is a follow on from that thread about tubulars on the street…

ok, so i picked up the rims from Shifter today and they are Fiamme. http://www.velobase.com/ViewSingleCompo … 7&AbsPos=2 they look just like those. opinions? i’m not sure what to do now, what spokes/hubs/tires. i might try to polish them up first, but might not.

while i was there i was checking out some old Suntour Sprint 28h fixed/free hubs. looked really nice, really smooth bearings too. he wanted $150 for them, which i thought was really reasonable. Dan had some Wobler 28h tubulers that were dark gray ano’d and had a sick aero profile. they said magnesium something on them. $50 each. would that be a mad wheelset? i’m so tempted to let the fiammes wait and build these instead.

You will have to pick your hub and then use a spoke calculator to determine the right length spoke.

Fiamme red labels were fairly nice in their day. I think the yellow label tubular rim was the “race day” version.

Oh, and make sure that you have someone that knows what they are doing show you how to glue up a tire. Don’t bother with the cheap tubbys. You would be way better off with a decent clincher.

i def won’t cheap out on the tires, or the spokes for that matter, for all this trouble i want to really know how good they can feel. anyone have any 36h hubs they wanna sell?