I need a cross bike

Is it possible to find a decent used bike in the $500-$600 range? Ive been watching ebay and nothing my size seems to pop up there. i ride a 53 road bike so im guessing ill need something in the 52-54 range.

Where you live? Conquests pop up on our CL quite often in that price range, but we have a pretty big CX following around Seattle.

I live in south central PA. Ive been looking on CL too. I have a while until cross season, but im getting impatient.

Another option could be to swap your road bike components onto a CX frame?

you probably want to go on the smaller side.

what are you looking for? dedicated 'cross, racing, aluminum frame?

Dinobear, you got the Mongoose for the lady, right? how is it?

Ideally I’d like an aluminum race bike with at least a 105 group. Is that too much to ask for $600. I know I’d have to get something used.

Great, she loves it. Good setup for the price. DinoBear approved.

Very possible. Be patient. eBay and craigslist are your friends. Might need to swap, trade your way to the finish line.