I need help (Ritchey road bike)

I semi-committed to buying THIS this evening.

is 450 really a good deal (considering it comes with an extra wheelset)?

Edit: WTF is up with the seat? I’m assuming its garbage, but did Schwinn ever make road seats?

looks badass to me

saw a lot of those saddles on mountain bikes in the late 90’s. nice bike. good deal.

My buddy had a sparkly gold Schwinn saddle on his track bike at one point. I don’t remember if he liked it or not.

If you don’t buy it I will

Hell fucking yes.

do it. ritchey logic tubing gets two thumbs up.

The listing is gone - did you buy it?

Best username ever…

yes, I purchased. The ride is sweeeeeeeeeeeet






yes…took me a while to get it.

pics fucker

fucks, picker

at work, jeez louise… pics in approx. 30 min