I saw a homeless-ish man today...

riding a mountain bike with a golf-club-sheath type thing duct-taped to his top tube, housing a five iron. self defense, or just a dedicated golfer?

Why not both?

polo player

that would fit the homeless-ish description well.

and i don’t think there is much of a polo crowd in nampa, idaho

I thought thats where polo originated?


that guy was OP

We used to have a guy like that in my town. You’d see him riding the wrong direction on a one way, blasting on a whistle. He’d be riding while holding an umbrella up to block the sun, and he always carried a slingshot in his back pocket.

there are a million guys like that riding around nampa on next squishy bikes blasting oldies from fm radios taped to their handlebars.

that would fit the homeless-ish description well.[/quote]

Joaquin Phoenix?


Casey Jones on a bike?

dumpster cane and holster.

you just witnessed it.