I started a new thread so everyone can stop shitting up bike shop lulz with brianforums pronunciation bullshit.

I’ll go first: I like to say sinelli because it annoys my boss.

Ecks Tee Argh



I had a guy call the bike shop the other day asking if I was familiar with scwim bicycles. I was like Schwinn? No… Schwim. Schwib?
I was just like no sorry, never heard of 'em and told him to call the recyclery (I tell 90% of idiots to try calling the recyclery.)

That must be a canned answer, because I get that from the B-tron shop when they don’t have a part I’m trying to find.


If you’re gonna send a fuckwit somewhere to waste someone’s time and/or get ripped off, the Recyclery is a fantastic place to send them.

DOO-RA-AH-CHE the finest in italian-japanese bicycling parts.

Say it right atmo.

pronunciation guide guy needs to make one for tarck.


Sometimes we sent them there legitimately. When people come here with old janky bikes who can’t afford to upgrade and shit is just broken/unfixable, we send 'em over to the recyclery that’s 2 blocks from here. Sometimes its successful. Since we’re downtown, most people who end up here aren’t driving and can’t get elsewhere easily to get other stuff.

gerry fisher