i think i waited too long to clean my hubs...

so after all the shit i’ve talked about my DA’s not being cleaned in a while and still being smooth…i finally cleaned and repacked them as part of my new build and it looks like i’ve got a groove in the cups…fuck.

the thing is, the grease was still reasonably clean. way cleaner than i was expecting, but the axle was fucking tight to spin out of the bike. wtf, did they tighten themselves over time and that’s why they’re fucked? oh well i guess, i got em cheap and to be honest i can’t feel the difference on the street, but i feel retartted for letting it happen.

not what was meant by GET PITTED


yup…i got rid of my dura aces for exactly this reason…

This reminds me that I need to overhaul my road hubs. And install a new freehub body.

I got pitted… then I converted my DAs to take cartridge bearings. Sealed Lyfe.

my Formulas were fine but some balls chiped

ah fuck, i remember reading that trick of yours…

but i didn’t remember it until i ridded myself of the da hubs.

Good tip Jacque. DA track hubs can be made to be cartridge hubs after all… throw some Phil Woods in that bitch!

really?! how? how would i do that? phil DA’s would be fucking rad!!! can i get some for my front Zeus too?


6001 bearings are supposed to fit fine in DA hubs, so you can use the 6001 Phil bearings made for Formula, IRO etc. Dunno about Zeus. Wouldn’t bother with this unless your hub is totally shot though, in which case it’d be a sweet solution to rebuilding the wheel with a new hub.

well, thats seems like a bit of work and luck…

i’ll keep riding the way it is until they are unridably fucked.

OT, i’m watching olympic women’s field hockey…those girls are HOT!

Installing cartridge bearings is total cake…


ok then. i think that part about using a punch to pop out the cups scared me a bit. mine still roll smooth (ish) so i won’t do it yet, but its good to know its an option.

So you can do this to all DA hubs?
What other hubs can you do this to?

Repack pitted anything with toothpaste to polish any roughness out. Ride around for a few miles then clean and repack with grease.

[quote=“carail”]So you can do this to all DA hubs?
What other hubs can you do this to?[/quote]

DA 7600 track hubs yes. Any other hub you need to figure out the right bearing size, and swap out axles. Not sure what other hubs you can do this with.

does this actually work?

does this actually work?[/quote]

It helps significantly, but won’t be “good as new.” I’ve done this before on a pitted BB spindle I couldn’t find a replacement for. Basically, the worse the pitting the more riding it takes with the toothpaste in there to smooth things out.

Edit: i’m pretty sure gel toothpaste won’t work for this. Use some cheapo stuff since you’ll use a fair amount of the stuff.