I was just looking at the Blue Lug blog....

And I saw this bad boy:

Must… have… wolf… saddle. I wonder if the graphic would just rub off in a day or two?

So lame.


Looks like those shirts you see in weird gift shops for rednecks.

Looks small to me.
Budget BMX seat?


Call me when they get this printed on a saddle

That is a solid wolf shirt. My favorite, only available in XXL-XXXXXL (for real) on ebay is similar but it has a large howling wolf in the front with a smaller wolf on a rock outcrop howling at the moon in the background.

find your local cruster and have him/her sew that shit up.

This noble, gentle man is crying because his people sold all their velodromes and hand-made track frames for a few colored Ourys. Tarck bear has abandoned them.