I went for a ride today, here are some pictures (old)


they don’t make lighter lofted beds :slight_smile:

Seriously though, no car - this was a shopping trip


Drove up from Denver to Ft. Collins to meet up with drwelby and a bunch of people to do a bike camping thing.

There were quite a lot of people in attendance.

drwelby likes pizza, it would seem.

Some pretty cool roads up here.

Me + LB.

Last picture I took before I went to bed. We’re not super-social so we ended up passing out pretty early. My buddy Eric who came up was more talkative.

Morning was significantly colder than night. Bacon was nice.

Eric loves dogs.

Bikes before leaving in the AM.

Nice mostly-downhill back to town and slayed the breakfast burritos. I’m a messy eater, so no pics of that.


That looks like an awesome time!! What were the temps like?


During the ride it was pretty nice. T shirt weather. Dropped below 20°f overnight, morning was very cold.


I really wish we could enlarge photos.

Looks like a blast.


There’s a weather station further up the canyon that got down to 14F. I was using a sleep system that I had tested at 18F inside my bivy bag, but since the forecast was supposed to be higher I slept on top of the bag and felt a little bit cold right before sunrise.


0 degree bag here, took up an entire pannier by itself but it was definitely worth it!


[quote=Tail Hook Lengthener]I really wish we could enlarge photos.

Looks like a blast.[/quote]

I right click, copy image location and just open that in a new tab. But its a hassle. haha.


Yeah, I do that where there’s one photo of a bike. I’m not going to do that for a whole slideshow.


[quote=shane.rrr][quote=Tail Hook Lengthener]I really wish we could enlarge photos.

Looks like a blast.[/quote]

I right click, copy image location and just open that in a new tab. But its a hassle. haha.[/quote]
Right click, view image, then back on the top left with the browser back arrow is the easiest. I really like that Soma.


New commuter/ditherer maiden voyage Saturday. 90% not-pavement right out my doorstep, 15+ miles of fun including some rail-trail gravel and a bunch of buff singletrack. There is just so much to explore around here -and much of it is totally dither-able on a rigid partybike!

Glorious day:

Wheel size comparo.

Most riverside and forest singletrack was this:

Can’t wait for paddlin weather.

These were even more fun than they look like in pics

Lava rocks erreywhere.

Mt. Bachelor across the meadow.

Edit: view 'em all on flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jimmythefly/


SW8, living the dream in this thread!


rode to an old psych hospital
D batteries?
roadside horn score


Been sorta helping organize these casual, but good distance gravel rides. This one was supposed to be 70 miles, but mud got the best of us, and we had to bypass a good bit of the route.

Pretty good group!

Local co-opbro on his on-trend MTB, LB in the back.

Lots of gravel paths like this. More at-grade road crossings than I’d like.


part 2

There was a point when the mud got pretty serious.

:discussing options:

As an extreme convenience, it just so happened that Billy’s wife decided to meet up at the 35 mile point with a van full of beers and snacks. It was an opportune moment for some riders to catch a van-ride home, after being sacked by hike-a-bike-bullshit and mud.

This is my bike after getting caught in a mud section. I know it messes shit up, directly after this we decided it was best to ride roads home and spare the trail.

This is the last picture I took before we started riding pavement home. All in all we did 53 miles out of the 70 we were supposed to, but it would have been a nightmare to continue on the dirt trail in these conditions.


What kind of trail is that? Looks fun though


It’s an old canal tow path, basically a rail-to-trail, with some other doubletrack mixed in.


I took the sw8 fixie out a some friday afternoon cruise. Got some coffee, picked some oranges, and then found this old bridge:


Dragged my arse out of bed at 5am on Friday rode up here before work. Managed to get a pinch flat on my way up and my rear light died on the way there, but it was a decent morning.


1-2 from today’s 3 hours in the rain. I didn’t take either. I’m the pink leg guy.


I’m really, really bad at taking photos while out on the bike, but I’m trying to get better. These are from yesterday’s Rock Cobbler 5.0.

I rode a ways with my buddy from Santa Barbara. We shared a few beers thoughout the day.

This climb sucked. It just kept going and going and going and then it went down a few feet and then up again.

I made a huge mistake.

The run up. No pictures do this thing justice. Topped out at 55%. I think it took me about 8-9 minutes to climb.

the gift to all the Cobblers. Swiss army knife for grilling.