identify these sidis for me plz

road shoes.
what model?

i’m going with old.

i liek the colours

I am going to say an older pair of Genius. The non-velcro lower two straps indicate an older pair. I have an older pair of Sidi Dominators (4 or 3?) with the same lower straps. The ratchet buckle upper indicates on of their upper end shoes. The mid-lower ones use all velcro straps.

blickblocks, do you wear a size 43?
wanna buy?

i wear a 43, how much?

Those are the free Sidis from the Marketplace and I already called dibs.

I’m fairly certain that they’re old Sidi Geniuses.

Look like 4s.

The Genius 2 in green and blue are the most gangster shoes ever.

don’t think those are 4s

Dominator 75s

4’s still had the velcro. Pretty sure that 3’s did also.

I have no idea how I remember crap like this.

The ratchet is newer than 2

terrible for your feet

thats what they are

Uh, those are ladies’ Geniuses, no?