Identify this old frame!

So today I picked up this bike, yardsale had it on the side of the road. it was $20, so I figured what the heck even if it is nothing special, it looked cool and I was looking for a cool frame to put old parts on and ride in the city. anyways, now I am wondering what exactly it is.

Blue, lugged frame. probably not blue originally, the paintjob looks pretty terrible for that. has a small sticker under the top tube in a rainbow pattern, but does not say anything else. just that sticker. any help?

*edited. Sorry guys, i can’t for the life of me manage to post these flickr photos properly, but please take a look if it isn’t too much trouble

Cool lugs. I can’t tell you the brand, but you can tell from the stamped dropouts that it’s a cheaper “bike-boom” frame. It certainly looks French, but I’m no expert.

this bike:

Just got back from the bike shop, nobody working there knew either…however, that yellow tag visible just above the bottom bracket on the seat tube reads " city of chico bicycle license…dec. 3 1963" so it is pretty old. the front fork spacing comes in at 97mm…and the rear at 120mm. I am stumped

Looks like it could be a low end Raleigh.


and i’m guessing the headtube badge is the clue you should focus on, no help sorry…

oh yeah… hahahahaahaha…