ILE Porteur Rackbag

Got this nice Inside Line Equipment Porteur Rackbag in Navy (it’s a pretty light navy, very blue) Cordura. I never ended up using it so there’s no wear on it, but it did sit in my garage for two years so it’s not exactly new. Bit of dust is all, and I got it cleaned up pretty good.

$110 shipped to the US would be nice!

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Forgot I still had this, I still have this. Maybe $75 shipped/$65 PDX will pique some interest?

Ohhfff I want this but money is v tight right now…hope it finds a good home!

Do I want this for my wald basket? It’s the big basket.

If so, I’m in.

fuck that reads like a Sol post. Sorry.

I measured my basket and I’m pretty sure it fits just fine. If it doesn’t, I can take the basket off and strap it to the front rack on the Lorry.

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Is this still available

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Take it up with Kyle. Not my problem.

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Can I speak to your manager

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Sorry going through a tunnel think I’m gonna lose yo


Woohoo! Look at all those likes I did!


I have one I’m not using if you need it.

You trying to move it along? What color?

Sure. It’s black, it’s dirty and it has the ILE tag removed because it annoyed me for some reason.

Ooooh, I’d also be into that black ILE bag Rusty, depending on what @Dickason_Daniel or @Mankato_Pet_Cremation_LLC are after.
I’m looking to swap out a V.O. Transporteur bag in green, in near-new condition.

@jimmythefly, I’d be more than happy to do a trade!

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I’m only willing to throw down for purple or pink.