i'm back and vintage parts can sucks.

portland weather this time of year is fucking awesome. perfect. so nice.
stopped in bike central right before we left because because they were closed to travel to races.
that pink nag in there is sweet.

rode the track bike to work this morning. 1.5 miles down the road and it could’ve been bad. crank arm was so close to falling off. i felt it. thought hmm. maybe it just chain slack i’m feeling. get off and wiggle arm. nope, it’s about to fall off.
walk 1.5 miles back home. drive to work. walk in a little late.

so about my bike.
it has a 68-p-120 spindle. maybe about 25-30 years old, perhaps the threads are a little worn.
campagnolo bolts are a little longer than other bolts i have.
been using other bolts, they don’t work well.
longer cmapy bolts may work fine because more threads interface with spindle.
i won not one but two auctions from some guy in netherlands on ebay. never get bolts. been 2 months.
sent msg to him about a month ago.
he say i send you more bolts.
no bolts arrive.
i send one more msg day before i leave portland.
no reply after a day.
i leave negative feedback for both auctions.
he msg me within 10 minutes.
he refund my money and says he sends me more bolts and wants me to msg ebay to remove feedback (which they won’t).
if that douche had sent me bolts to begin with my crank arm wouldn’t be falling off most likely.

i think i might just buy a phil or something so i don’t have to worry and can adjust chainline.

I doubt that the spindle and bolts are causing your problem. If your cranks are coming loose repeatedly, there’s a good chance the square hole of the crank is somehow damaged or deformed, which prevents the crank from fully seating on the spindle taper. It may also be an installation problem. Make sure you grease the bolt threads to get them torqued down properly.

Why would you ebay crank bolts from the Netherlands? You could get those from your LBS for less than $5.

i’ve got many extra crank bolts.
all are shorter than campy bolts.
i don’t want to take campy bolts from any other bb i have.

i have short bolts in that spindle right now.
for example (i’m making numbers up), i can torque the bolt to 15ft-lbs then after that the bolt slips in the threads.
the bolt won’t hold.
i’m almost positive the spindle is just flat worn out. the bolts are rather loose when threaded into the spindle with no torque.

campy bolts are longer than all the other bolts i have. so i wanted to try some campy bolts before i buy a new bb or drop money on another spindle.
a longer bolt equals more thread engagement with means higher torque capabilities.

i also thought maybe campy bolts are different thread but didn’t feel like researching that.

daedelus is right, the crank is likely toast (or at least it probably is now). When the taper of the crank arm deforms it can allow the bolts to back out. Usually once they start coming loose they don;t ever really stop doing it.

I’d just replace the BB.
They’re really not that expensive.

Did you forget english before you made that first post or were you so irate that it just came off like you learned english from a non native speaker.

sometimes i don’t feel like typing every word.

yeah i just looked at lickbike.com, the PW bottom bracket is about $85 then gotta buy the tool and the cups…i could buy a sugino 75 bb, i have all the tools already and those are ISO taper.

i’m wondering what’s up with Phil Wood taper sizes also.
they said that 93 and earlier campy cranks are JIS taper which is not true.

i got some cheap NR cranks at swap meet.
the previous owner must’ve forced them on a shimano spindle or something. i was going to use them on a campy spindle, i got to bolt them on and the left arm slides all the way on the campy spindle and bottoms out before i even put a bolt in there…shit.
ISO is smaller than JIS, so the old campy spindle is clearly ISO taper. how can PW get something like that wrong?

Fuck lickbike!
They are like 30 miles away from me and I’ve been waiting three weeks for a pair of shoes from those guys. The website said they were in stock, but when I called yesterday it sounded like they were a bunch of old guys and it took a long time for them to figure out what the hell I was talking about and then when they finally did, they said my shoes should come to them on wednesday and that they’d call me when they shipped.

oh. yeah. i won’t order from them then.

i hate shit like that.

i won auction for bike last tuesday. paid for it wednesday. got ebay msg today saying “your bike is scheduled to be packed today and when we ship it we will forward tracking number to you.”

i might have a spindle you can use

what spindle i can haz?

it came out of the benotto had teh campy athena cranks on it
i don’t remember the length
what length do you need?

ic an probably make 111 or 109 work.
wait. the benotto is 70mm width (italian). the paconi is 68mm. they no workey.

But isn’t the spindle the same? That’s just cup diameter.

oh yeah i forgot it was italian sorry
no spindle for you

the spindles are wider/shorter also because the bearings are further/closer apart by 2mm.

never mind, i just educated myself.

hmm, i might just JB weld the crank arm on.
hope i neverneed to repakc the greases.


i’m lying about the jb weld.

i have a 68-spc spindle that might work.
i’m almost positive the threads on the older spindle are worn out. a longer bolt might work but i don’t know that i’ll be able to wait for that shit to arrive if it ever does.
now i gotta get another bike working.