I'm gonna start a vintage MTB thread. Truckbros stay out.

A place where anything from rollercam brakes to Biopace rings to elastomer forks can be fondly reminisced upon.




“Drug trafficking can lead you downhill fast.”

Prototype Campy mountain gruppo!!!




This whole fucking bike. The paint. The fillet brazing. The Suntour bits.

Just ignore the Grateful Dead connection.

Diggin’ this thread. Lookin forward to some good pr0n.

This sold on eBay about a week ago. I thought about it… But a little too small and I’ve ot a few other things that need finishing first.

Nice Wrencho.

The Skittlebarf colourway is fun in itself, but the big highlights are the Hammerhead and the 1990 composite fork.

Late 80’s 26"/24" Crack’nfail with an out-of-place Brooks.

Killer V with Spins and that shit Girvin fork.

not sure if these fully count as “retro” or whatever, i think these were still made into the 00’s but dgaf

some cool stuff here

My personal fave. 1996 Ti Mojo with a Fat City fork and XTR. This is one hell of a good looking bike.

Can I post my own bike. Miss it. Left in Nashville. MB-1

oh god damn it

wtf is this shit

My '84 Stumpjumper handles like poop, but I still like riding it.

u guis not sposedta be in here

obligatory 'nago ibex post

would love to have any of these

Cinelli Argento Vivo circa 1991

Cinelli ottomila, suntour bits

Couldn’t find a drive side pic, 1988 Yeti

Also I think Frank the Welder should be in here, jus cus