i'm really starting to like this place!


Tarckbike.com has been putting the only smile on my face while I’m at work. THe moments I can slip away to have special time with my internet friends is precious!


i was just thinking about making a thread like this. this place has really grown on me lately.

Like toe-nail fungus.

once i had a fungus infection on my face, had to use some special cream.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been sick at home and spending way too much time on here, but it seems to me that the general quality of discussion has gone down 'round here.

I’ve noticed (in some instances generated) a lot more drama lately. The lows are lower. But the highs, well the sky’s the limit. You guys crack me up daily.

You are such a todd.

i havent bought or done much bike stuff in a while, except for ride the damn thing. so i dont add much to tarck and non tarck bike forum. except for jackass thread. i like that. makes me smile.

<3 offtopic tho


fuck you


i prefer to read tarckbike only when drunk.

discuss plz.

glad to see your track training regime taking shape tarckatina :slight_smile:

I spent 2.5 hours at the gym tonight, then took a shower and went immediately to happy hour. 3 beers later I’m at home bleeding to death while installing some fenderz.

I went to the bouldering gym for like 3 hours.
We all climbed some hard problems and it was fun, but there’re a bunch of motherfuckers showing up recently who cant climb for crap and just clutter up our (small) bouldering gym falling off v0’s.
I shouldn’t complain. I was one of those guys once.

I’d like to join a bouldering gym, but there’s only so much money in the old checking account.

Back on topic. This place rules.

I don’t pay.
I “work” there once a week.


I still like this place.