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hi there,

i was wondering if someone could help me calculate my spoke lengths, i have used one of the more simple spoke length calculators and come up with a length of 270 mm. can someone confirm this for me?

i am using a H+son Formation Face rim, the listed ERD is 557, ive added 3 for the nipples as ive seen someone else doing with these rims.

these are the hubs im using: http://www.planet-x-bikes.co.uk/i/q/HUDC32R/dia-compe-gran-compe-rear-hub

listed as:

OLN: rear - 120mm
Flange diameter (at spoke hole centre): 62mm
Centre to Flange: L - 32mm, R - 32mm

many thanks in advance,


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cheers. can anyone else confirm that? i forgot to mention 3x. appreciate your help

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Don’t need to add 3mm. It’s already added to the ERD.

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QBP spoke calc says 269mm.

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