Impossible WTB part next: 90mm Ritchey WCS stem

I’ve got a thing for the old 90s ones that have a silver colored faceplate. Similar is fine too, I just hate how bulky and blocky the new ones have become.


What bar clamp diameter? I’ll check my bin, and I am going to the used parts place tomorrow.

31.8 bar diameter.
Thanks–one of the few obvious drawbacks to backwater living: no serious used parts depot.

Unfortunately mine is a 130mm 26 clamp which is about as useless a stem as I can imagine and I should probably get rid of it.

Wait, are you looking for a 90mm wcs 270° stem? Or 230°?

Or am I thinking if something different?

Edit: I’m an idiot, I didn’t see your part about the silver faceplate. Oddly enough my favorite stem ever is the 270/230 WCS from the 2010’s (honestly the worst design ever but I love it) and I ride 90mm so if I see one of yours I’ll let ya know.

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