Impulse buy, no remorse

so i went into an LBS with no intent of buying a bike and walked out with this, and im so psyched!

looks decent

how much?

600, was 9

looks nice

not bad

The Rocky is easily one of the most underrated completes out there. 6 is a good deal.

i know, i never knew they made a track frame until yesterday.

the deda elementi pista bars and the fact that it was made in canada were it’s biggest selling points, not to mention it rides like a dream.

still not sure if i’m gonna swap the wheels for my cxp22s because i’m kinda digging the radial laced front

sweet flipflop hub dawg.

This is not a kilo?

The fact that it comes with Deda Pista bars stock means it’s pretty awesome in my mind. I love those bars. If it came with Omniums and 28h CXP22s it would be perfect out of the box.

no, it is not.

eat a penis

I like Rocky Mountain ATB frames.

rocky mountain oyster?


[quote=“doofo”]i heard all fixxxies were kilo tt’s

just different colors[/quote]

I heard all track bikes were Schwinn Varsitys


worlds most janky track bike?

having never ridden a radial wheel before, do they usually whistle?

they whistle dixie

Part of me really wants a bike exactly like this.