indoor trainers

i am a fat piece of shit. can someone recommend a model or at least tell me what to look for? i’m looking to spend like 250 buxx

Fluid is a bit smoother and quieter than mag. I hate riding on mine with a passion, and I can’t imagine spending more than the bear minimum on the stupid thing. I would be inclined to buy a gym membership with the $250. They have better trainers (sometimes with video screens and live data). Spin classes are also humbling.

spin classes kinda suck IMO

trainers… get a cyclops fluid… or something like it…
main things to look for are that it holds your bike well and the resistance is smooth/quiet

Also the closer it gets to spring the better chance you have finding something used for less.

i liek mah rollerz.

best place to get?

CL or the bay.

so are rollers hard to learn? they look hard.

Just start out in your garage… with the door open… and nothing in front of you…


Don’t know if this was your intent, but :bear:

I’ve spent a grand total of maybe ten minutes on trainers during down time while working at my shop and I think that’s about all I need. It’s boooooring as hell to me, but maybe rollers are something I should try. A friend’s got a set, but they’re too loud for his apartment.

Anyways, if you’re dressed for it, riding in the most ridiculous of winter conditions is preferable to the futile spinning of a trainer in my book.

yes and no. rollers suck IMO. too much mind work. thats why i want to build a fork mount.

also: if you are in a doorway, its a piece of cake

sol, you suck. learn to ride your rollers better

oh, i can ride no problem, its just that id rather be able to get on, and pump out the miles while watching tv without the possibility of falling off

This was lame because you didn’t fall. Why are you posting on tarck if you’re not drunk as fuck?


I’ve got a 1up USA trainer for the winter months ( and its very well built, quiet, and smooth. I’d recommend it but as its been said above trainer riding is VERY boring.