Internal Gear Hubs

I know nothing about them. I want to have two rear wheels for my 130mm spaced Bob Jackson build, one flip-flop and the other with an internal gear hub for touring. While I’m really tempted by the new Sturmey Archer hub, I’ll need something with a good range of gear inches and reputation for not needing frequent repair.

But to get to basics, how do they perform? How well do they shift gears? How straight of chainline do they need? I’m considering one with limited range (yea, really trying to make the Sturmey Archer an option) and a double up front.

And if any of you have a favourite, tell me about it.

Oh yea, and I can’t afford the Rohloff.

How would you run a double up front? chain tensioner?

I really don’t know much about them but I think shimano makes some that aren’t too 'spensive.

Tensioner with or without front derailleur, or two chains. I guess this would only be necessary for a 3-speed. 7 or 8 should give a wide enough range. 300% or so.

Don’t get the Sturmey Archer 8 speed. The gearing is so high it’s really only suitable for small wheeled bikes, unless you want to rock a 30/21 chainring/sprocket combination or something.

The Nexus 8 with the red band is a nice hub. It has good range and feels smooth. You will have to figure out how you want to mount the shifter, though.

Would I be right in assuming the “actual ratio” gear is the easiest?

I have been watching my distributors for the fabled return of the sturmey archer fixed 3speed. Anyone heard anything about this thing lately?

Yea, those shifters are gigantic. Way to go, Shimano. Got an idea from Sheldon (RIP):

Or the $90 (what?) option from Jtek (who?):

That Jtek piece is awesome.

All my research points to Shimano 8spd being the best.

You can use a hubbub bar adapter, but that thing isn’t cheap either.

Is this different from the S3x we had a thread about a while back? I’m pretty sure S-A is making that, but I’m also pretty sure you know a shit ton more about bike parts than I do.

Sounds like a tarck consensus. There’s two Shimano 8-speeds though, the Nexus 8 and the Alfine 8. By the way, Alfine components always make me think of Alf. Fucking Alf.

How much do these suckers weigh and how noticeable is it? Being at the centre of the wheel, the weight must feel different to that of a rear derailleur and hangers.

Looks like I found the first project to do on that metal lathe in the lab.

Apparently not. S3x… found it though. Thanks.

The Alfine uses a trigger shifter and is disk compatible, if that matters to you.

Apparently not. S3x… found it though. Thanks.[/quote]
I’m going to have to mark this night on my calendar

Yea, the trigger thing is even worse. No need for disc brakes.

But if the Alfine is better, and it is supposed to be at least for shifting, the monstrous shifter isn’t a deal breaker or something.

There’s a whole internal hub board on MTBR and it seems the Alfine is regarded as tougher than the Nexus hub.

still waiting on the S3X. i’m loking forward to buying that and Duke Nukem someday.