iro headset bearing retainer install FAIL!

So I took apart my IRO for the first time yesterday, half-assedly cleaned up the grease, sprayed the frame with frame-saver and went to bed. Today I go to put the shit back together and notice that the bottom crown race is pitted all to fuck. When I took the bearings out I laid them down the way I pulled them out because I always have problems figuring out which way they go back in. Turns out, so does someone at IRO, it was in upside down. Should I call up Tony and see if he’ll replace the cup or should I just go buy another headset?

My best bet it to just get a new headset. Unless money is a problem

the way tony has been responding to people lately, i’d say you’re better off buying a new headset. good excuse to get a nicer one though, right?

I’d be inclined to send an email Tony’s way to at least let him know of the problem. I wouldn’t expect him to give you a new one or anything.

I kinda feel like tony needs to expand a little bit. He’s certainly expanded his business but not operations.

Took apart my IRO and same thing: Perfect upper race/bearings, dipped in degreaser and looked new…lowers did not go so well. Pitted so bad looked like this thing sat outside for 10 years. the bearings were black and when i soaked them chunks of shit came out. Tried to clean it up as best as i could but it’s noisey as hell when i turn the wheel with the bike off the ground. I don’t know if it’s an issue with the FSA not sealing itself from outside contaminants on the very bottom of the headset or what…sucks.

First thing I replaced on mine was the headset. Tony probably should be aware of the issue so maybe sending him a headsup would be a good idea, but I would suggest just buying a new headset.