is anyone ever happy with their bike?

is it just me thats satisfied with a new bike for like a week before i start drooling over thoughts of a new one? do any of you guys have bikes so [i]tarck[i] that you’re happy with it for like…ever? i want to save up a grip and buy some really nice shit, but will i just need a new one in a month instead of a week? i just want something that im so satisfied with i can ride and ride and ride and not constantly want something new.

what do you have now? i am constantly trying to improve, it’s what i do, and my bike is no different. i feel though, that if i really researched everything, figured out my color matching got it sized, and really put thought into it, i would be happy for a lon time.

I don’t think I’ll ever need to change anything about my Schwinn. Cept maybe the bartape if I get bored.

EDIT: I might put a new saddle on that thing eventually. I found that one in the trash and though it’s like riding on a cloud made of bunnies and marshmallows, it’s starting to fall apart.

Yeah, the only thing I change on my main (road) bike is the tape, when I am bored with the color or it’s looking a little haggard (I need to work on my death-grip). I clocked nearly 2500 miles between February and June without so much as tightening or lubing the cables, and I’m a mechanic. When the internal cable routing finally makes it way down to the Ultegra line, I’ll probably upgrade to ten-speed.

I would like a new track bike, but that has more to do with some minor fit problems than with my want of change.

My advice is, if you are constantly craving after something better, then just buy the good shit the first time. That helps me curb my gear lust.

I am totally happy with my bike.

That said, I am in the process of building another… :slight_smile:

From what I understand, the “perfect” number of bikes is n+1, where n is however many bikes you currently own.

My advice is, if you are constantly craving after something better, then just buy the good shit the first time. That helps me curb my gear lust.[/quote]

This is good advice! I wish someone had told me this when I bought my Pista!($500 complete) Now I have a pista frame and fork with over $1000 in upgrades. I could of bought a Fuji Track Pro and I would still have a chunk left…

i just got a 100mm jaguar drop that i put all the way down and 38cm wide flat bars. coming from relatively flat stem and b125s. real happy now

i think its like that with a lot of material possessions. theres no real emotional attachment (unless theres sentimental value. thats different) so as long as you can get something better, youre going to want something better.

this is true because once you have the good shit, theres not much to upgrade to.

yeah, thats what i’ve been craving, the top-end shit. when i built my first ss it was like 10 sizes to small and i loved it to death. i didn’t know the difference. now i know how shit some of my stuff is…damnit. i was just scared i was going to build my dream bike and then soon after want to build a new one. i guess its hopeless. i can imagine owning some rad tarck bike, the first thing i think of is building a rad geared bike, then a tourer, then…the list is endless.

fuck it, more bikes for me then. i guess the only problem then is how to store them, i better build a shed, lol.

lose your job and move to a place with an economy that’s well beyond its death throes. that’ll make you content with everything you have.

it’s working for me.

Not really. The other day I thought I’d snap some new pics for tarckbike but then looked at the bike and the pics I made like 2 years ago and posted on BF and it’s pretty much exactly the same. I haven’t really bought anything so I guess the desire is not that strong. Planning to get a pimp saddle soon tho.

And a custom Ti frame wd be nice but it’s out of my reach ATM.

Where’d you move walrus?

I am happy with my tarck bike :bear:
Only thing I have changed is usual wear and tear stuff like chains/tires. Also sometimes swap out cranks to try out different lengths. The only thing I don’t like about it…I commute on it and I hate having to take my car to work when it rains because it is all loose ball bearing. I don’t plan to change that on this bike, but instead build a dedicated commuter.

Ever since Trackstar x DQM, I’ve been wanting to build a rad pseudo-BMX. I’m definitely happy with my bike but I’m not satisfied with the colors. I think that’s pretty common feeling.

Or: sell your car, buy some raingear and a shitload of ball bearings… and the commuter bike?

It’s still free to dream :slight_smile:

+10000 to that^^^^

Buy the commuter, and a rodie, and a middle of the road MTB!!!

You guys are evil :bear:

I’m happy with my road bike, but my fixed bike needs some work. New seat, new bars, new tires, and probably something else I’m forgetting.


I’m happy with my bikes, but then i see another one I really want… but dont want to sell any of my current bikes :frowning:

So… what to do? Just have another bike… lol

yeah, i think thats the answer…more bikes. i think i was just frustrated when i started this thread. i’m a photographer as well and its probably a lot more expensive than most bike shit and i always want another camera or lens or flash or EVERYTHING. maybe i’m just a maniac consumer?