is anyone interested in a felt gridlock frameset group buy?

anyone interested? i can get a deal on these things if we can get enough people together. aluminum frame, carbon fork, seat post, integrated headset and 15mm/bottle opener tool.

msrp is $399. im sure we can get enough people together to get that reduced a bit :bear:


Is this a joke?

“Whether commuting to school or work, or just bombing around town, the Gridloc delivers in style.”

marketing is cheesy as all hell. but i thought i would try to pass on a good deal on to you guys.

maybe $300 to your door…?



“hey guys, free spirit group buy!!! fixie ready and re painted, maybe…250 bucks shipped? just want to pass along a good deal”

Extras: Felt BEERNuts Axle Nut Tool: Chrome-Moly 15mm tool to remove axle nuts for fixing flat tire and with bottle opener for liquid refreshment while fixing flat tire.



fucking ugly

i thought you may have been serious…

That bike is lame and you should feel lame for wanting one.

But guys, who needs two water bottles when you’re cracking all those beers?

I’d do it for $200ish and not much more. I like how all you Kilo TT riders are clowning this frame-set. Bad marketing does not mean a bad ride.

marketing got nothing to do with the frame being ugly

two drink holders and a captains chair

This response is funny on quite a few levels.

I rode one and liked it.