Is it worth the trip

Some lady has a Trek 720 for free that she says has just been sitting for like 5 years down in Santa Cruz that is Kate’s size. She said there is no rust on the frame. Is this worth the drive down?

rooooadd triiippppp

If all else fails I think it would make a rad polo bike for her.

the drive from SF to santa cruz is totally worth a free bike. or get a friend who lives near san jose to pick you up from the cal train station there and cut the drive down a bit.

My only friend that lives down there is working and wouldn’t do it.

the drive is not bad at all. you can take 1 most the way there in like 2 hours.

plus cool views of the ocean.

Road trip.

just go to the boardwalk and ride the giant dipper.

The 720 was nice bike. If it is in good shape you should keep it as a touring bike. What year?

train->bus it down there for cheap.

Go get that sum’bitch.

oh yea gas is expensive over there

should they be an ex-friend?

Depending on the Trek 720, it might be worth it. If it’s one of these, absolutely.

If it’s one of the Trek “Multi-Track” 720s, well then it’s probably still worth it for free, but nothing to cream your jeans over.

give it to me instead or just caltrain->17 it.

We drove. It will be Kate’s polo bike. She will probably post pictures of it later. It is the Trek 720 Multitrack and its been left outside for a while.
And for all you “take the train people” its was Santa freaking Cruz and it was out in the sticks of Santa Cruz.
Totally worth it.

pleasant ride. Quick too.


Plus we already went.

Post pictures.