ISO (Partsbin trawling)

The In Search Of (something too worthless to put on eBay that’s still in the parts bin and not yet in the recycling bin) thread.

Anyone have a cantilever brake booster? I’m too impatient to order one from China.

I might, I’ll check.

Thanks man, but I found one since posting that.

And I found none!

i sure could use an anchor bolt for an Apex 1 derderder. the bolt and stuff that holds the cable.

I’ll sell you a used rival dangler and you can harvest all you want

How about 175mm XTR M900 cranks (the last silver ones - 110/74)? Don’t need chainrings.

Or 100/74 XC Pros.

Gotta be nice 110/74s? I’ve got some specialized s-flag ones

It’s for a tandem (right side timing chain) and has to matchy-match my other set of m900s (or xc-pros).

Anyone have a threadless 25.4 clamp boner stem sitting around that you want to get rid of? I’m trying to get these dirt derps to work and the current stem I have isn’t cutting it.

Steertube diameter?

1" would be great but I’ll deal with 9/8"

How about a 10cm ±10° stem in black?

That is basically what I have now. I think I need something like a 35 or 45 degree stem.

long shot: Rockshox Psylo U-turn soft spring kit?