It's Electric! A thread for e-bike things.

Okay here’s my 100 mile TSDZ-2 review

Looks like I’m going to get about 50 safe miles out of my big battery. I think that’s going to be enough but I’m still wondering if I can’t get more range out of managing the motor a little better.

I think I’m deciding that “Sport” mode is the best vibes for most riding. I think it’s the best balance between being a helping hand while also utilizing my human power. “Turbo” isn’t exactly too much but it definitely feels like the bike is just pedaling itself. This is great under some conditions but I’m not sure it’s always worth the extra juice.

I’m still kinda paranoid about the battery and I bring it in the grocery store with (not a big deal since I use a cart anyway). I guess I’d feel better if I had some sort of “security worm clamp” but I think it could still get popped off pretty fast with a lever. Not sure what the odds of that are though. This is where I see more of an advantage to an integrated factory e-bike, but I guess in that case the whole bike is a big target.

Overall very happy but I’m working on saving it for weekends and grocery trips lol


Not sure what type of battery clamping system you have but the big battery I have on my ebike I store it in a type of bag with a handle on it. Velcroed in place. Easy enough to take with me.

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specialized ebike light wiring looks to be very similar to dynamo lighting.


What would happen if put the Copenhagen Wheel on the mid drive ebike?


Does anybody have any experience with these kit bikes in the rain? Seems like most of the individual pieces and connectors claim to be waterproof to some degree. I guess I’m most worried about the battery - it looks kinda sealed and might be fine in some rain. But I’ve got fenders and I’ve added some dielectric grease to the main connectors on the battery.

It’s like 99% chance of rain here tomorrow and if it’s dicey I can just ride a normal ass bike. Just feeling sorta paranoid.

Anecdotally I’ve never heard of any issues. Not experienced either but I never rode in the rain that often.

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Rode to work, got rained on, didn’t have any issues but I think my cape and fenders kept the rain from blasting at the battery.

Honeymoon might finally be over though… NDS crank arm loosened up on Friday but I was a dumbass and just assumed it was my u-lock banging around in my bags lol. Tightened it up on my way in today and it managed to hold for another 4ish miles. Had my crank puller and tools on me (just in case I need to tighten the motor lockring, another lol) and it looks like the crankarm is a little damaged. I think the spindle itself is probably dine though. Guess it’s already time to throw another $20 at it

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What spindle does the motor have?

I swapped out stock bafang arms for STePS square taper ones, they fit fine.

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It’s just some standard square taper thing. Thankfully the company sells replacement crank arms for like $15 each so no biggie. I don’t think I have another 170 arm anywhere.

I do think the crank arm is probably borked. I took it off then cranked it down at work and it still took a little more cranking down when I got home. Probably best to park it for a few days, I needed the exercise anyway :upside_down_face:

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Come for the e-bike content. Stay for the barspin at 1:23.


really keeping the spirit of MiniDV editing alive there

I am here for it


Longest ride on the ebike today. 24 miles in heat advisory weather. I was so tired by the end of it that I didn’t even really feel the assist, but it was definitely pushing me home.

I’ve started to get some clicking when I’m really pushing on the pedals and I’m kinda worried it is the sprag clutch but otherwise it is working fine… I should probably check the chain, it’s probably a little long and has 2500 fat man cargo miles plus whatever the PO put on it so it may be about finished


Someone passed me going up the hill last night on what I swear was a battery-free hybrid. Orange. Looked like it was belt drive. Are these around? That’s all I could find in google. Frame didn’t look fat enough to hide a battery.

Maybe it was a babymaker I or II?


That will be it. It was orange with Matt black everything.