ITT: fuck traffic and cars, my commute is better than yours

so i finally got around to posting my single track commute to work a week before my shop closes. 5 miles of rad single track with about 500’ of climbing and 1500’ of descents. the opposite on the way home. this trail starts about 6 blocks from my house. don’t mind the first picture. i look ridiculous for some reason, bad expression.

jealous. i would love to commute off road

son of a bitch.

I thought I would have one of the best commutes on the forum - but that one is certainly better than mine. I’ll get pics of mine soon, it contains around two miles of optional singletrack/rail trail sections and a bmx dirt track (used to be two but they bulldozed one of them).

my commute is in a city.

with pavement.


Yeah, my commute looks like this:

I guess what im getting at is fuck you.

k-brigade’s commute looks like rusty

(i know it is rusty poastin but whatevs)