ITT - Tom Boonen's Ferrari (really, that's it)

if you find more pictures of Tom Boonen’s Ferrari, post them here.

very nice

we need documentation of the hood. I think there are free range ponys on it.

Who is the face on the roof?

silvio berlusconi aka bunga bunga party president

I am guessing that Tom has it there to remember all the great times he had in Italy at Bunga Bunga sex orgy parties.

best car

this is beyond comprehension

confused detractors provide information

This is the artist. Presumibly there is some kind of Portrait of Dorian Grey romance going on here.

also, some talk of charity, probably just a cover.


that is a body wrap

there isnt enough coke in europe to convince boonen to paint a car like that

one can dream

Mother Teresa

It’s Berlusconi

Am I being really dense? That looks very much like Mother Teresa. Google image search seems to confirm. Or is the cartoonist making a joke that Berlusconi looks like MT?

Its gotta be Berlusconi, although Mother Teresa would take the whole “in bad taste” thing to another level, like one we didn’t know existed, were talking new dimensions here.

I just read Berlusconi. That def looks like mamma T.

I love you, tarck.