Ives Bicycles?

Anyone heard of this maker? I’m about to go look at one. Columbus tubing. Campagnolo Record equipped for the most part. From the early 70s I’d guess. I can’t really find any information. But 275.00 is a great deal, right?

And I’m guessing that it’s in fact Italian and not English.


if getting this question answered means you scoring another sweet road bike and making me jealous, then i will not contribute what little info i know.

Buy it but don’t expect to make a huge profit on it if you resell it.

ok deal if you plan to ride it yourself, but prolly pretty hard to make money off it.

no campy brakes or derailleurs means these are likely replaced with cheapy parts. brakes and derailles are what gives the bike/components its value.

also budget on having to replace the tires as they are likely old and dry rotted tubualrs.

tldr: you can do better.

Decided not to buy it. It wasn’t in good enough shape.



I mean like, it’s got good shit cept all the shit that isn’t

They might be mid 80’s suntour. Sprint or Superbe.