Jake's Pile


The 27" Acer should work perfectly.


I’m around and available tomorrow through the weekend


You should turn that into a Gambler and hit next year’s Gambler 500.


I’m surprised no one is biting on it locally.
I am beginning to think I am meant to keep it… which would make sense as how it is pretty much my 80’s rally dream platform.


TC I’ve been trying to convince myself to buy your bike. I’ve written and deleted 3 PM’s so far. I look at my bike pile and just can’t bring myself to pull the trigger.


Just sold it a couple days ago, bummer I would have loved to send it your way. Although I wonder if a 20" frame would have fit you

At the top I updated it with SOLD


That’s good to hear so I can stop stressing about it. I really need an mtb and that was a great deal, but it wasn’t exactly the bike I need.


Hardtail XC isn’t super good in the PNW, imo. There’s too much fun out there that can’t be had on a HT.




120gb SSD with a verified copy of Win10

$35 shipped