Je suis fou des velos orange


Orange is the best color for a bicycle.

I’ve wanted to powdercoat my Cross Check orange for quite awhile now. Unfortunately, the grey is so damned durable, and I can’t make myself replace what ain’t broke yet.

And that Ira Ryan at the top is really really awesome.

My Davidson will eventually be orange, but other priorities keep cropping up.

I’ve always been a fan of the Quickbeam. One of the few bikes that I’d trade my single speed for, although I’d have to think long and hard about it.

The color orange grosses me out.

I predict we will be seeing a whole lot more production frames next year off white, grey, and orange.

I used to think you were cool, man.


a bout de souffle


bien fait

My old orange IRO.

I used to think you were cool, man.[/quote]

A peace offering, from the shop. Looks weird cos sun and sparkles.

[quote=Dr. Bold]