jeep trail mirrors

ive got a pair of these NIB. i wont be discussing how i obtained them.

msrp appears to be $295, yours for way less than that, dm if interested.

How’d you get them?

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Goddamn porch pirates

Put them on a bike dummy.

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We prefer the term porch explorers.


curious what a pubes heep would look like

It’s brown


that’s spectacular

Guess these don’t fit on the new money bike?

Before I get tagged, won’t fit my joop

A bakfiets with joop mirrors.


i already hated jeeps before the Jeep Duck thing became popular. now i extra hate them. just some “nice canadian woman” organically deciding to put ducks on jeeps? most obvious company shill i’ve ever seen in my entire life.

i even saw someone who had an aftermarket mirror with a fucking duck shelf for all the ducks he/she wanted to receive.

What are you even talking about?


Ohhh, that’s why I see cars with rubber duckys on the dash. I never made the connection that they were all jeeps. I just figured that person was an idiot. And then I saw a few more and thought wtf lots of dumb people here in Columbus I guess.

oh fuck this.

it seriously makes me so mad. now that you all know this you can share my misery.

people people come on it’s a jeep thing…

we just don’t under STAND


i like reliable things so it’s true, i wouldn’t understand