Jesus saves CL

wtf headset/steertube

you switched the “ugh” with the actual url

link is now safe

Also: sup girl

Quiet girls. Total freakz.

god hates foot retention

Old news is old.

i really hope these are being sold by someone not religious but just taking advantage of it

sex sells christ cycles

yep, mega fail indeed

also, sup cleavage

I know we’ve covered Christ Cycles, just didn’t know it had permeated to CL. Apologies all around

Shouldn’t the title be “CL is no longer not saved?”

edited sans double negative for your viewing pleasure


link is now safe

Also: sup girl


hey girl that bag is kinda bad to ride with because it will repeatedly fall off your shoulder you should get a basket

That kid is such a turkey.


As a sXe dude in his 30s there is NOTHING that annoys me more than this whole sXe / Jesus collabo.

Even though he a complete turkey, that kid is actually super nice in person but I can’t help being a total dick to him because of this.

What ever happened to “you picked up a bible and now you’re gone”

ARRRGGG… I was ranting about this at work today… something about this just really gets me riled up. GAAAAAHH!


you know the Christ Cycles guy?