Jimmy for sale thread. Get it gone.

Starting a thread for selling stuff. I’ll add parts as their own posts as I get more things photographed and ready to go out.

First item:
Routewerks bag with 31.8 bar clamp, accessories: light/bell stub, garmin puck, quad lock dongle. Bought on here, very few miles/near-new but for some dots of dirt here and there.

$100 shipped in the USA.

Dammit Jimmy please don’t post anything I might want

Shimano PD-M8140 flat pedals. Larger of the two sizes Shimano makes these in. LOL why do I have 3pr?
Pretty much in the same condition, all good bearings, all pins good.
Feel free to ask for bigger pics or for a specific pair.

$50 per pair, shipped. (or $40 if bought with something else).
EDIT: Only the top center pair remain.

side A

side B

SOLD: Dura-Ace track cranks. 144bcd single ring only 175mm with 46t D-A chainring.
@asterisk @Rusty_Piton @Crustradamus in that order expressed interest in these last time I posted them attached to a shit fixie frame (over a year ago!).
I’m crap at value on these, is $100 fair?

Hope cranks. First generation (not the current Evo). 175mm arme, 34T N/W boost ring. New spindles are available for $60, though they pop up on Pinkbike often for less. BBs for the 30mm spindle can be had several places.

$30 + shipping. Willing to hold if you want to bundle with other stuff I might post.

Oh Jimmy, why must you tempt me so!

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Let me PM you and see if we can make something happen.

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Two sets of pedals sold, D-A cranks sold. More to come once I get some pics.

Thank you @asterisk fir saving me from myself.

Yes I am also appreciative