karma, bikes and bcd110

I just had the best ebay experience and had to share.
I was the only bidder on a '92 RB-1, which is nice because i got it for a good price. Everything but the frame is NOS, not original, but NOS none the less. The guy emails me with the invoice and asks if i would like any changes made. I gave him a list of the changes I was planning on making, and he emailed back saying that he could fill 90% of what I wanted.
That was two weeks ago, I got everything today. He upgraded the single pivot brakes and levers to a NOS 105 aeros and dual pivot calipers set, put noodles on it and added a selection of bar tape, colors of cable guides PLUS threw in the original stem and '92 bridgestone catalog.
This is the first perfectly complete bike that i have bought. I give away lots of bike shit and feel like karma did its job. Damn.
The seller is bcd110, who i would recommend.

Do some wheelies

post some pics


siggass newd wheely pix

natty fab in greenman suit pics

how much?