Knee pain

Okay well I set up a road bike and I have been commuting on that to work now for a few weeks and I felt fine riding it for a distance ride as well. But just this week my right knee have been bothering me while riding and last night it hurt bad enough I could ride any faster than a snails pace. It also was hurting to walk up stair and get up from sitting down. Now I did some stretching last night and it felt a bit better this morning but the pain is still there.

I have been reading of what type of pain it is and what to do for bike fit, but I wanted to ask too.

The pain is in the center of the knee and runs top to bottom also feels like it is under the knee but it is hard for me to tell.
I haven’t had this pain before or riding any of my other bikes. I had my seat height to what I thought was good and my cleats set up good. I did notice that my right foot was toe out last night so I fixed that and now my foot is straight. I was going to try to move my seat higher this morning but I just noticed that the seat post is stuck in the frame :frowning:

So does anyone have a suggestion as to what I should do from here?

Also I’m running sidi’s dom 4 and old time EX carbon mountain pedals.

in my experience, saddle too low makes my knees hurt, but so does too much “q factor”.

this may help with the other problem:

Raise your seat a smidg, then call me in the morning.

Possibly also saddle too high.

possibly you should do some yoga. will help to stretch muscles. and is nice. and will get you ladies.

Okay I’ll try to get the post to move… saddle up… then down… then yoga… then ladies.

Also, read this:

I just got some specialized foot beds. someone pointed out ot me that when i stand, my arches collapse in, and this happens when i’m riding… Ive been having a lot of knee issues since switching to keos , figured it was all cleat placement but i think its a combination fo cleat placement and lack of support in my shoes.

you should be able to tell if your seat is too high - your knee would be fully extended in your pedal stroke… if its too low, its a little less aparant. as a gauge i try to fully extend my leg with my heel down really low at the bottom of my pedal stroke. shoudl be able to straighten our your leg with your heal pushed down as far as it goes I think.

I just sort of assume that everyone is already using footbeds. Superfeet yellow, here. Specialized BG is supposed to be cool if you can stand the metatarsal buttons.