Kucharik thinks they can over-charge their customers?

So, I just received an email from Kucharik (the guys who sell the nice big caps) saying that on top of my order of $35, which was delivered last week, they are going to charge me $6.50 because I made a mistake entering my zip code. His claim is that UPS is charging him $6.50 for the mistake, and that I’m responsible to pay for it. But here’s the thing: I am the person who called UPS to fix the zip. Even if UPS is charging his account for this amount (doubtful), this is his cost of business, not my responsibility.

I think it’s completely inappropriate for him to hit me up a week later for the money, and told him so if a politely worded email. I could see it being different if he had disclosed a policy like this before I entered my payment information, but there was no warning of this kind what-so-ever.

This doesn’t seem right, does it?

It seems really inappropriate to ask for the money later, yes. I would MAYBE understand if he sent you an email right after you changed the zipcode and asked (politely) for some cash to help even out the cost. but it seems weird to call you up a week after you get the package and ask retroactively for money.

It sort of depends for me. if you never thing you will have to deal with him again and he seems like an asshole about it, I wouldn’t pay it. If he was polite and apologetic and seemed like an alright guy, it’s just six bucks and I might just say whatever and pay for it.

But, it does seem weird to ask for MORE money so late after the change, yes.

Not right at all. Once the original transaction was completed, that’s the end of it. He is NOT authorized to charge your card again. If he does, dispute it. Then let him deal with your credit card company. They will definitely not take it lightly.

Oh fuck hang on, I thought this was some kind of ebay-friendly thing.

He can’t charge your card again, that shit is totally fucked up. don’t let him, go with m4bandit’s advice.

This happened to me once before. The company I was ordering from basically put a hold on my account that would not allow me to finalize a sale until it was cleared up. The next time I tried to order, I called them up and had them add the six bucks to my purchase. They were really nice about it, so I didn’t feel bad. It was my mistake to begin with anyway.

I’m hoping that the guy realizes this is a screwed up situation and refunds my $6.50 today. If not I have to call my CC company and do all that boring jazz.

if his company uses UPS worldship to ship their products the zip code entered should raise a red flag. thats part of the shipping process, dont pay!

So, in the end, the guy who runs the company says that he will refund the amount. I’m glad he is doing the right thing, but it’s pretty funny because half way through his reply email he starts being insulting and it seems like he wants to draw me into an argument. ??? Way to conduct business.

Anyways, thanks to the wonders of technology, my credit company says that I have to wait to see if he pursues collecting the amount, or if he will drop the charge, and that they won’t know what has happened for five business days. Fun stuff.