Lance riding with Mash

Austin and Garret videos.
What do ya think?

that austin video was way more entertaining than any other MASH stuff ive seen. lots of fun to watch.

truly awesome for a professional like him having fun with the guys

that’s what i think too.

i posted it in the roadie forum on bfssfg… i’m secretly hoping some uptight snobs come in and flip shit :bear:

so far the responses have been good ones though.

on a related note, macaframa is premiering on sept 24 in SF

that was actually pretty damn good. it actually seemed fun instead of “LOOK HOW HARDCORE I AM WITH MY BRAKELESS FIXIE”

Rad. That was way better than their other videos for sure.

I concur with everyone else. That was some good vibes for sure.

nice seeing some familiar streets on the interwebs

Sick to see em flyin around. Those super veeps look sick, hplusson’s? Correct me if I’m wrong, those are sick looking.

White front wheel on red Ciocc frame? Pretty sure that’s a 90’s Zipp.

Really? I thought hplusson did a special with the mash logo. It’s def. cool lookin with that large amount of wall.

hplus doesnt do 650 do they?

that garret dude has a serious motor. very cool.

Bonus points for the name and artist of the tune playing…

in the Asustin video

So they just ride bikes real fast now, and occasionally skid to slow down? Ok.

loled at the ‘sweet jump’ in the Austin credits.

nice helmet lance.

[quote=“DDYTDY”]Bonus points for the name and artist of the tune playing…

in the A[color=#FF0000]s[/color]ustin video[/quote]

I don’t know about the first song but the second one is The Whistling Song by the Meat Puppets.

Good to see Lance hang out and have some fun btw. It won’t be as happy an atmosphere in France next year I’m affraid… (French)

In the first video, at 3:00, you can see them all hammering, and Lance looks at the camera like “This is supposed to be hard?”

i guess he was nice to not totally drop them anytime.
i guess he gonna win in france because he been training on the fixie.