Large Elephant


anyone here interested in a Large Elephant NFE (first run, original fork)
Frame/Fork/hs plus a few parts for the thing.
also a nice center lock disc wheelset, WTB i23 rims, 2.0/1.8 spokes white ind hub (campy lolz) and a front schmidt hub…

just throwin a feeler out here, I kinda want to sell locally coz shipping but…


Those wheels are quick release, right?


yeah, but technically front is allen wrench release…


oh yeah, they have some babbyshoe pass 42mm regular casing tires on that are still roadworthy


if anyone is interested here hit me up, looks like nobody local that’s interested is the right size…
posted elsewhere and not much interest, if i’m gonna haggle and hook it up, i wanna hook it up to a tarcker first…

basically, i don’t need the wheels/tires/discs, frame/fork/headset, calipers/shoes.


I want it, but wouldn’t be able to build it for a long time.