Leader Wheelsets?

I searched, but couldn’t find any other threads.

I just saw these on ebay today… Not sure what to think.


Meh. The hubs look different than anything else but I’m not sure why anyone would try to beat the ubiquitous Mavic/Formula combo.

Besides the cutouts, which I don’t recognize, the hubs look exactly like the looseball Formulas that come stock on the Motobecane Messenger.

Schrader valve FTL :colbert:

ooh, that would be a deal-breaker for me. The only Schrader-holed rims I ride were free.

http://www.bicyclewheels.com/merchant.m ... y_Code=FGM

I’d rather have Mavic CXP22s laced to Formulas.

i dont think the messenger is looseball

edit: the messenger is HELLA not looseball

i dont think the messenger is looseball[/quote]

Sorry, the Windsor Hour is what I was thinking of.

Yep, those are crap, they’re what came on mine. The ones on the Leader wheels don’t look much better.

They actually tell you what the hub is right there. KT group, owners of the brand quando. They make a lot of oem hubs especially for bmx companies.

i dont think the messenger is looseball[/quote]

Sorry, the Windsor Hour is what I was thinking of.[/quote]
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. gotcha. i checked mine, and they look like little skateboard bearings haha

Not sure if you were talking to me, but I was saying that the ones that are crap are the ones that come stock with the Hours.

OEM wheels on cheap (value?) bikes are almost universally crap.

http://www.bicyclewheelwarehouse.com/in ... oductId=50

save you $20

http://www.bicyclewheelwarehouse.com/in ... oductId=50

save you $20[/quote]
man i should get a set of those for street use.

my current hubs are freeballin it.

Holy crap that’s cheap. I might just have to snag a set of those to replace my fucked rear wheel while while I wait until I have the money to get CXP 30’s built up. Still don’t have hubs for them.

Loose ball freaks me out.

Why? Repacking a hub is really easy.