local MSP interest? surly disc trucker 58cm


I have a surly disc trucker built up in a semi-sw8 hybrid manner:
dyno setup, flat bar with cheapo shimano hydros, wald basket, rack, etc.

We moved into a new house a couple months ago, and I think we have one too many bikes right now to comfortably use the garage. The surly is the easiest one to let go.

Anyone here interested? I really don’t want to ship this bike, it’d have to be a local-ish sale in the twin cities

Asking $300

  • 58cm 700c disc trucker frame (58cm TT)
  • iq-x on the front, topline light on the back
  • alfine dyno hub, 11s shimano shifty bits
  • the fender line is crappy, but it comes with a fresh set of SKS chromoplastics that you can dither with to your heart’s content
  • picture is pre-Wald
  • I think it’s got paselas on right now, I can throw in a set of nokian studded tires for it if you want them
  • different saddle on it right now, seat bag not included


I’d pick this up if I was anywhere close. Good luck!


Dang. Would pay $300 for that.


brb drivin to twin cities


Finally happy that I live where I do