Long lasting tire

I just noticed that my Hutchinsons 700x25c folding training tires already got threads showing in the back wheel.

I ride everyday with, still, lots of gravel on the roads(after winter). Also i ride brakeless with 16 skid patches.

I had this tires for exactly one month

Anyone got any ideas for a tire that would last a bit longer? This one felt pretty beffy(had lots of rubber).

I just dont want to spent $ 40 CND every month for a back tire.

Or may be no matter what tire you buy they will all tear down the shreds…

brake pads cost less than 40$ a month

  1. Dont skid as much, just slow down, not that hard.
  2. It’s brakeless
  3. Everwear or Gatorskin i’ve heard are good. I ride Hutchinson 700x23, They’ve lasted me through fall, winter, and still now. I ride BRAKELESS too.

Dumpster dive for your tires if you’re skidding all day.

also vittoria randonneurs.

all good ides so far, though, do any of these.

i dont just skid all day i guess. I do hop a little here and there befor the turns, speed control and to position my legs. I realize that i put alot of stress on the tires.

I’m not impressed by the length my gatorskin lived. it did roll nicer than an everwear, but it didn’t last nearly as long.

evercraps roll like crap.
dont waste your money.

I’ve a gatorskin with about a thousand miles on it and it’s done. Meh.

I used to use gatorskins. then I stopped working at a shop and had to start buying cheap shit again. They would last me about 3 months on the rear. I didn’t skid but once every few days, if that. A few skips in certain places in my commute, but not many. We should have a contest for the brakeless riders. Everyone has to start with a new rear tire. Whoever makes it last the longest without any threads showing wins.

^^^technique has a lot to do with it. all skids, all the time, is going to be way worse than some skids, but mostly bakcpressure and skipping.

Or the guy who hardly rides, and when he does rides 10mph in suburbia, will come out as victor of this little contest :stuck_out_tongue:

I mostly ride in the suburbs, and I pretty much never come to a complete stop.

check the new issue of Cog. They had three tires that they couldn’t kill. Conti Touring, Kenda… something and Panaracer Ribmo. The Ribmo lasted the longest. Looks pretty indestructible.

How did they perform besides that, though? I mean, you could get a rubber that feels harder than plastic that never wears, but it’s also not going to grip for shit.

Edit: That’s what she said.

In defense of gatorskins, they do ride fairly nicely, have low rolling-resistance, and mine have rejected all kinds of glass and road debris. I’ve actually had to use tweezers to pull glass out of my tires that failed to cause a flat.

get some friends that work at shops.
get used tires from bike shops
if you have to pay retail, get soma everwears

soma everwears grip alright, and skid smooth.
it just sucks when they start getting flat topped… feels kinda funny

Why do shops get so many used tires? Do people seriously take their bikes to a shop to get the tires changed? First time I had to swap tubes on a 700x23 I had no clue what I was doing and it only took like 12 minutes tops.

Yes. At $8 per wheel plus tube.